The Latest in Christmas Trees: 7 Modern Replacements for the Traditional Christmas Tree

Modern Christmas Tree 3.

The Upside-Down Corner Christmas Tree

Xmas flipXmas flip

Simply bizarre, this tree seems to be all the rage this season. The Upside-Down, Corner Christmas Tree allows for more room in less spacious areas, and increases the room for gifts as well. This pre-lit fir attaches to the ceiling via built-in hooks, and its inverted shape also makes it easier to showcase dangling ornaments that can get lost on a regular tree. The 370 "lifelike tips" are made of PVC, and the 200 pre-strung white lights have an estimated 3,000 hours of operation. Huh.

Found at Hammacher Schlemmer



Modern Christmas Tree 2.
African Laser-Cut Tree

And a partridge in a steel treeAnd a partridge in a steel tree

This laser-cut African Tree creates a unique silhouette on any table. Made from mild steel and available in white or red, this piece is 35 cm high and is funky enough to be considered cool. The designs cut into the tree include an array of wildlife and flowers, and the two slotted piece allow for flat storage.

Found at designmyworld via designmilk


Modern Christmas Tree
1. The Ultimate Christmas Bonsai

the ultimate bonsaithe ultimate bonsai

And I think my favorite tree for the holiday season is a nice little bonsai. Sophisticated, classic and around for the long haul, this dose of green might just outlive you. This premium kit from UK-based Bonsai Direct comes fully stocked with all bonsai essentials, including two different trees, fertilizer and trays, a DVD to educate yourself about their care - they even throw in holiday wrapping and a Santa jingle balloon. And just think of how darn cute they would look adorned with mini-ornaments. Oh, goo.

Source: bonsaidirect

Those are my top seven picks in the fascinating world of Christmas tree design. If you've found any creative contributions or noteworthy twists on the classic version, feel free to share!

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