10+ Laugh Out Loud Funny Pet Calendars For 2010

I like to buy funny pet wall calendars as Christmas gifts for my pet lover friends because, even if they receive other calendar gifts, there is always a space on the wall for one more -- especially if it's funny and about their species of pet. I found some really hilarious dog, cat, rabbit, ginea pig, ferret, and tea cup pig calendars for 2010; maybe you will find just the right ones for your friends (or yourself!) among them.


Funny Pet Calendar Number 1:  Pets Rock 2010 Wall Calendar

Animals With Personality, the subtitle of the teNeues-published pet calendar, is not an overstatement.  These cats and dogs, dressed as your favorite rock star, are simply darling as their rock heroes.  See the cat Dolly Parton and the dog Elvis.  Can you identify the rest?  Amazon.com





Funny Pet Calendar Number 2:  Crazy Cross Breeds 2010 Wall Calendar

Try these on for size: "wEEnERmation" and "gEERmanoodle."  You get 12 of the craziest, but darling, cross breeds you ever saw.  Designer dog, anyone? Calendars.com




Funny Pet Calendar Number 3:  Cats In Hats 2010 Wall Calendar

The question is how many non-cat owners wouldn't love this calendar.  Although priceless, Cats in Hats calendar is for sale at Amazon.com.




Funny Pet Calendar Number 4:  Pigs On Parade 2010 Wall Calendar

With the popularity of tea cup pigs, I'm sure there will be a run on flying pigs as well as singing pigs, hula dancing pigs, and artist pigs seen in the Pigs on Parade 2010 Calendar.  Pigs dressed up and photo-shopped into some weird settings.





Funny Pet Calendar Number 5:  Paw Play Official 2010 Wall Calendar

Many furry friends, and even feathered ones, have some fun with our words.  The photos and captions are all very witty and very British.   Paw Play 2010 is available from Amazon.co.uk.  





Funny Pet Calendar Number 6: The New Yorker Cats 2010 Wall Calendar

The year is not new until you take in the marvelous cat or dog cartoons from The New Yorker Magazine.  Clever as usual, the 2010 New Yorker Cats Calendar and Dogs Calendar.





Funny Pet Calendar Number 7: Ferret Frenzy 2010 World Tour Wall Calendar

Ferrets fitting right in all over the world.  Not just funny; adorable! Amazon.com





Funny Pet Calendar Number 8:  Bunny Suicides 2010 Wall Calendar

A dozen sick bunny suicides from the British author of the Bunny Suicides books, Andy Riley.  The 2010 sick and funny Bunny Suicides Wall Calendar is available from Amazon.com.





Funny Pet Calendar Number 9:  Guinea Pig Games 2010 Wall Calendar

Willie and Nillie battle it out at the Guinea Pig Games.  Great shots by British photographer Steve Bucknell. Very clever calendar!  Amazon.com





Funny Pet Calendar Number 10:  Make Over Mechanics 2010 Wall Calendar

The Make Over Mutts Bodget and Scarper teach you all about auto mechanics in this truly funny mutts wall calendar.  From Maverick, Great Britain.





For the cat fancier, I just posted the story of the 2010 United Bamboo Calendar featuring cat ready-to-wear, which some might think is hilarious! You have to pre-order it, but order instructions are in the blog.

I did notice that not too many calendar publishers find horses or birds particularly funny.  Horses are beautiful and sensitive creatures, yes, but they still do funny things... and even have a sense of humor.  As for birds, members of the parrot family, for example, are hilariously funny.  Calendar creators! Get busy on 2011 funny horse and bird calendars!


That's the buzz for today!


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