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10+ Laugh Out Loud Funny Pet Calendars For 2010

Funny Pet Calendar Number 4:  Pigs On Parade 2010 Wall Calendar

With the popularity of tea cup pigs, I'm sure there will be a run on flying pigs as well as singing pigs, hula dancing pigs, and artist pigs seen in the Pigs on Parade 2010 Calendar.  Pigs dressed up and photo-shopped into some weird settings.





Funny Pet Calendar Number 5:  Paw Play Official 2010 Wall Calendar

Many furry friends, and even feathered ones, have some fun with our words.  The photos and captions are all very witty and very British.   Paw Play 2010 is available from Amazon.co.uk.  





Funny Pet Calendar Number 6: The New Yorker Cats 2010 Wall Calendar

The year is not new until you take in the marvelous cat or dog cartoons from The New Yorker Magazine.  Clever as usual, the 2010 New Yorker Cats Calendar and Dogs Calendar.