Lawnmower That Cuts Your Grass and Tones Your Legs

What is environmentally friendly, cuts your grass, tones your legs and is fun to ride all at the same time? A bicycle lawnmower of course.

A bicycle lawnmower is an innovative push reel lawnmower with a bicycle attached so that anyone can sit and pedal their push reel lawnmower across the grass leaving the blades short and your body more fit. Some bicycle lawnmowers come with the lawnmower up front and others with the mowers in back.

How is a bicycle lawnmower better than a regular push reel mower? Well, Treehugger commentators debate weather the power of pushing a push reel mower comes from the lower or upper body. This argument is important because the answer determines whether bicycle lawnmowers are effective or not.

In my opinion, owning a push reel mower myself, it requires both. Both upper and lower body need to work hard to push a reel mower. I feel adding a bike to the mower would make the reel mower more powerful, take the upper back stress away and make it cut the grass at a faster speed. If nothing else I imagine it would at least be fun to ride. Of course, I’ve never pedaled a bike lawnmower before so I can’t say for sure, but I would be more than willing to try and ride one if I had the chance.

The only problem I see to this fun innovation is the huge wheel mark that would be left marked on the lawn from the bike due to weight of the rider, force of the pedaling or dampness of the ground, but again I’m not an expert. What I do know is that a lot of people have the same idea because there are over 10 different versions of bicycle lawnmowers invented.

What do you think? Does it work? Would you ride one?

Via Treehugger

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