Lawnscaping Of The Future

Close your eyes and imagine a neighborhood without loud lawn mowers in the morning or the afternoon or the evening. Imagine a yard where your garden waters itself and saves water too. Imagine a yard that is so green even the tiles and the lighting are environmentally friendly. Now open your eyes and meet the alternative eco-friendly design, the Verdi Lawnscaping System .

The Verdi Lawnscaping System won the Gold International Design Excellence Award in 2007. The Verdi Lawnscaping System includes tiles that are pre-seeded and interlock with a built-in irrigation system. The system also includes solar-powered light tiles, shrub planters and path tiles. In addition, "the tiles can be fitted with a variety of inserts, including recycled glass composite, bamboo or molded recycled plastic". The entire Verdi Lawnscaping System is connected to a pump that circulates gray water through the tile network. The lawn essentially takes care of itself.

These are the lawns of the future: quiet, self-efficient, money saving and most important environmentally friendly. What do you think about it? Would you invest in the Verdi Lawnscaping System?

Via Businessweek

Gloria Campos-Hensley
Featured Blogger