Lazy Dogs Who Like To Chew Can Use The Bone Mat: As Seen On TV


I had always thought that the use of front paws to hold things in place was a natural behavior of both dogs and cats. But apparently, there are some dogs who don't, or don't want to, hold their bones.  I say that because of this new product for dogs - the Bone Mat - which holds bones in place while your dog chews them.  


The Bone Mat: image via Bone Mat: image via


Well, to be fair, the Bone Mat is not just for lazy dogs - it could come in very 'handy' if used by amputee dogs, those who have lost one or both of their front legs. 


But mostly, as I see it, the Bone Mat was developed for your convenience, the pet owner - especially if you are fussy about your housekeeping and don't like finding dog bones all over the house, in the furniture, under the beds, and other unruly places, and you want to keep your carpets and floors clean and dry.

Okay, some dog owners are fussy people and, for those folks, the Bone Mat might work out if it does its job.  But my dogs have always shown me that they really like being dogs. They carry with them millions of years of dog genes and, though many of those genes have been bred out of our domestic versions of the dog, they still hold some dear.

One of those instincts is to hold a bone between their front paws while they chew the 'meat off the bones' from their latest kill.  Another instinct is to hide their bones and other treasures (toys) to protect them from other dogs and animals in the wild. And a third instinct is to track down those very treasures whenever they want them again, taking pride - you can see it in their strides - in having found a safe place for those treasures and then in finding them again.

After one of my dogs was away from home, sometimes for three straight weeks, he would not even greet the family members before he had searched for and located the place where he hid the last toy he played with before leaving. Uncanny.

But, all that instinct stuff aside, the Bone Mat seems to be a well-made and workable gadget.  Check it out for yourself at the Bone Mat website and order through As Seen On TV's crowdfunding site.


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