LCR – The Random Dice Game With Consistent Fun

From George and Company comes the simple dice game LCR – fun, addictive, and possibly maddening.


LCR stands for “left, center, right” and involves the use of only 3 dice and a pile of chips (or money, if you’re feeling lucky). The way the game plays out is that players each start with an equal stack of chips and someone rolls the 3 dice. Each of die has the possibility to show the letter L, R, or C, or to simply display a dot.


If a die land with a dot up, a player does nothing – just leaves their chips where they are. If an L appears, they must pass one chip to the player to their left, and if an R shows up – you guessed it – one chip to the right. A “C” on any die means that a chip must be added to the center pot.


It is possible to have multiple instances of the same letter; for example a player could roll 3 L’s on one turn and have to pass 3 chips to the player to their left. After a roll, players pass the dice to the next player and play continues until only one player has chips left, and that player wins all of the chips in the pot.


While the game is fairly straightforward, it does have a number of additional aspects to keep things in interesting. Any chips that end up in the pot in the center are out of play, meaning that the middle stack will continually grow, eventually awarding one person with every chip (or coin) in the game. As well, even when players have no chips they are still not considered to be out of the game. On each turn, players only roll as many dice as they have chips – 3 chips or more and they will roll 3 dice, 2 chips will roll 2, 1 will roll 1 – and they cannot roll any dice when they have no chips. However, they can still be given chips by players to their left and right if the dice come up that way, getting them back into the action.


Reviews for the game generally describe it as fun and simple, with the only real critique being that there is no skill level needed to play. No betting takes place, no wagering, and no bluffing. Simple dice rolls determine the outcome, which can make for an incredibly exciting or extremely pedestrian experience.


LCR is available at Amazon for under $10.


Source: Dice Games


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