Forget Sniffing! Try Whiffing Le Whif Chocolate

You may not believe this story, and I'm not even going to tell all of it, because I don't claim to believe, or even understand, how this product came about.  But Le Whif is purported to be a real product, so if you want to try it, you don't really need the story of its origination, which is terribly convoluted and seems as if written while the developers were very high.  High on Le Whif chocolate?  I don't know.  Take a whiff and see!





Le Whif is an inhaled chocolate that's just been created and inhaled by a unique group of whiffers in Paris.  Whiffing, they say, is in its infancy, as the group's Labo Shop plans to create several more powdered flavors that can be whiffed as desired. 

But let's get back to chocolate.  We all love it.  Most of us who love it, eat too much of it.  It ruins a diet, and yet we're addicted to its smooth sweet cacao melting on our tongues leaving hints of coffee and vanilla as it glides down to our hips.  Oh, give us more!

Le Whif claims to satisfy this urge for the dark stuff - because dark is the only real stuff -- by creating an inhale-able powdered chocolate.  One, they say, that goes very well with a cup of coffee, and can even help you lose weight.  (I had heard that whiffing mint made one lose his appetite, but I never heard that about whiffing chocolate.)  After all, one whiff of Le Whif is only one calorie.  

Now, you don't sniff it; you inhale it through your mouth so you get Le Whif chocolate powder on your tongue. You are assured that the particles of powder are too large to enter your lungs, but I bet it takes some practice not to choke on the stuff when you are whiffing it in. Like this:



Nevertheless, Le Whif will ship on May 15, 2009 in all four of its chocolate flavors:  Chocolate, Rasberry + Chocolate, Mango + Chocolate, and Mint + Chocolate.  A pack of six assorted Whifs will set you back about $13.50 plus shipping from Paris.  But you get about four servings... that is, whiffs, per pack!

Let me know 1) what it's like, and 2) if you lose any weight!


Le Whif via Gizmag