Conserve Leaking Breast Milk With The Milk Saver



As any breastfeeding mother knows, a lot of precious milk is lost during feeding time.  As the baby is nursing on one side the other is leaking milk too.  It is not just a small amount either.  In those first few weeks and months especially, there is a lot of milk that is absorbed into breast pads or clothing.  This fact is particularly frustrating when you consider the time that many new mothers spend pumping milk for their babies.  This extra milk could really help boost the supply.



Fortunately, the Milk Saver by Milkies is a gadget designed to collect this otherwise lost milk.  The slim device fits inside your nursing bra and can be inserted just before feeding.  It is designed to fit over the nipple on the non-feeding side to collect the extra milk while you are nursing on the other side.  Once you are done feeding, the milk can be poured into a bag or bottle to be stored.



Even better, the device is BPA and phthalate-free.  It also comes with a small carrying case so that you can keep it clean when you and baby are out and about. (See MilkSaver)



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