Lean Green Poop Bags - Biodegradable AND Flushable

A year ago, it was hard to find biodegradable dog poop bags.  Now, they're everywhere. In fact, many of today's biodegradables are also water soluble and, therefore, flushable.  This is great news because, according to the Enviromental Protection Agency, "Flushing pet waste is the best disposal method."  But not everyone with a toilet can flush pet poop, even in a flushable bag...


Flush Puppies with container and refillsFlush Puppies with container and refills



Take a 'flushable" product, like Flush Puppies, for example.  If  you have a septic tank or an old (or broken) plumbing system, you will not be able to flush dog poop bags down your toilet.  If y flushable wipes stop up your toilet, lay off the flushable poop bags. 

Beware as well that if you are not near a toilet after you've carried the bag for 30 - 45 minutes, the bag might just dissolve first,  so you will have to find a suitable trash receptacle unless you want the bag to disintegrate in your hand.

If you do use the flushables, follow the instructions and WAIT 15 - 20 minutes after dropping the bag in the toilet.  When the bag has disintegrated, you can safely flush.... if you don't have any of the above concerns about your toilet!


Walk The Dog Bio Pickup BagsWalk The Dog Bio Pickup Bags


The same considerations should be applied to the other flushables, such as Gotta Go Green and Walk The Dog Bio Pickup Bags.

That's the buzz for today!



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Dec 20, 2011
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Dog Poop Bags

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