Leans Handy Phone Holder Puts Your Cellphone On a Pedestal

Leans - a sleek solution to cellphone mismanagementLeans - a sleek solution to cellphone mismanagement
Cellphones, iPhones & iPods - they're small, often expensive and we're pretty much lost without them. On the other hand, they're - well - pretty much lost too much of the time. You can hear it ringing but where the heck IS it?? Ah yes, lurking under that file folder, preparing to tip your latte...

That's where the so-called "Leans Handy Phone Holder" from Japan's Detail Co. comes in, helping your dandy communicator (or other essential small items) rise above the clutter of your busy desktop. Leans' utility doesn't stop there, either.

In Japan at least, most phones are video-capable so the ergonomically slanted stand positions what amounts to a mini-TV at just the right viewing angle. It even offers you the choice of vertical or horizontal mounting.

The Leans Handy Phone Holder is priced cheap at just 950 yen (about $9) plus shipping but it's built to last from plastic, silicone & steel.

Choose from 6 colors (black, white, beige, green, pink & red) for the soft silicone backing that carefully cushions your cellphone, iPhone, iPod or even the case of the CD you're listening to, and order online from mega cyber retailer Rakuten.

Jun 15, 2008
by Anonymous

Order in USA?

i checked out the site and translated it with Google. It doesn't look like they list shipping options to the USA. I couldn't find a "contact us" link. Any idea how we could order these and have them shipped here?