Leap for the Skies with Powerbocks


When I first came across a recent piece on Powerbocks over at Coolest Gadgets, I thought they looked familiar. At first I figured I'd seen another similar device--not uncommon in the invention world--but I soon came to find that Powerbocks were definitely  the ones I was thinking of.

Indeed, Powerbocks aren't brand new. So why cover them? The answer lies quite simply in that off-the-charts-geeky display of humanity in the photo above. He just earned himself some Powerbock coverage. Congratulations to him. Near as I can tell, we've never covered Powerbocks here on Inventor Spot anyway, so it's about time to show them some love.

With or without the flag-shirted goon who I'm pretty sure has a mullet tucked behind that flamboyant, star-studded sea of blueness, Powerbocks look like a pretty fun way to get around. Inspired by the kangaroo and brought to us by inventor Alexander Boeck, they strap around your feet and allow you to leap around on three-foot springs. We don't suggest you try, but you can leap over cars with ease using these jumping stilts. With that kind of vertical-capturing power, you'll soon turn into a parody of yourself too, devil horns and all. In addition to looking like sheer fun, Powerbocks are supposed to be a good source of exercise. Check them out in action:

Powerbocks and comparable devices are available from a number of companies. Originally priced over $1000, wider availability has resulted in a broader market of devices, with far lower prices. The price cited for the ones pictured above is $269 and you can find some even cheaper on Amazon.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Powerbocks have been renamed or replaced wth PowerRiser Jumping Stilts. If anyone knows, please let us know.

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Oct 30, 2009
by Anonymous

cool jumping shoes

rather then hopping around, i would more so like them for jogging with or for just getting around town with i could see them catching on for that reason daveanne@shaw.ca

Nov 2, 2009
by Anonymous

cool jumping shoes

now that i thought about this a little more, i believe your design is incorrect. if you were to reconfigure the design to the specs i could provide to your manufacture i believe you would sell a lot more... daveanne@shaw.ca