Learn A New Skill Or Teach One You Have Through TeachStreet

Have a skill, talent or area of expertise you want to share? Now you can turn that into extra money through an innovative, new company called Teachstreet, a startup focused on helping people find classes taught by local teachers through an online marketplace.

This free site connects local instructors and experts with interested individuals. The platform allows teachers, instructors, schools, coaches and anyone else with at least an interest to show off what they can offer.The company hopes to create communities of learners and teachers. So far, they have been more active in Seattle and Portland, but are hoping to spread across the country and even internationally. Interested individuals in other cities can still sign up and their profile will show up if people search in that area. Plus, the site helps you to be discovered by major search engines.

For signing up, one gets a profile, unlimited classes, your own URL that can be used as your website if you don’t have one already or promote your existing site. The company helps you show up higher in search engines, great Craigslist ads, and along with emailing capability to current and potential students.Learners can use TeachStreet to locate and contact instructors, create a list of favorite classes, areas to explore, are skilled in, and to write reviews for teachers and classes.

Areas that you could possibly teach in could originate from some of your interests and hobbies such as crafts, cooking, parenting, sports, tutoring in a subject area you did well in, languages, photography, or scrap-booking. Take a look at the site to prompt some ideas.

To get started as a new member, you may want to enhance your profile with a description, photo and include areas you’d like to know more about. Your profile can be personal or as professional as you want depending on how you want to use the site, whether to build a side business, a new career, or just meet others that share your interests. Recommend a teacher or write a review about one you appreciate, comment on the site’s blog or add to their section on what is being learned, along with finding a class to take.

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Sep 30, 2008
by Anonymous


hopefully they do a version were people with talent, skill etc teaches for freeonline to anyone that has time and/or willing to learn (some might learn on the normal lesson range (like say 12 classes on that subject) but some might need double or tripple to laern it too) though some might haev to take classes different times every day or just once every month or whatever they can squeeze in. Doesn't mean that they are unwilling to learn just that they have other things to do as well. Every occupation you could think of even artist should be free to learn for all.

Oct 13, 2008
by Pria Ingrum

On-Line Education

It sounds like a great idea to match teachers and learners for free.  Perhaps revenue could be brought in through advertising and/or grants.   Maybe there would be enough revenue to compensate the teachers.


Pria Ingrum, MBA

Innovative Businesses Writer

Oct 13, 2008
by Pria Ingrum

TeachStreet Love

Hello Joseph,

There is much that I would like to learn, such as more about importing for my side business.  I am planning to take a local class for that, but it would be great if it was offered on-line through a platform like TeachStreet that I could take in Denver, where I reside.  My husband would like to promote tennis lessons.  We are looking forward to a launch here!

Pria Ingrum, MBA

Innovative Businesses Writer

Dec 1, 2008
by Anonymous

Connecting with you Offline

Hey Pria,

Sorry to get back to you so late. Just wanted to tell you some great news that our next Metro is going to be Denver, CO. I'd like to connect with you via e-mail to get an idea of what you're thoughts are since you reside there.

Also, we've launched a whole new site experience for our users since you wrote a post about us, and wanted to get your thoughts. My e-mail is joseph@teachstreet.com, so once you get a chance -- please shoot me an e-mail.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Joseph Sunga
Community Developer, TeachStreet.com