Learn the Alphabet the Painful Way Through Art

Artist Thijs Verbeek has created a unique way of spelling out the alphabet; with clothespins and skin. Can you spell 'Ouch'?

The Amsterdam based artist took something as simple as skin, clothespins and people ready to suffer in the name of art and created a work that is disturbing yet keeps you wanting to see more. This work is titled Alphabet in Huid (typeface in skin). It is created by using clothespins that stretch the skin into the proper shape of each letter.

With Halloween quickly approaching, this may be a creepy costume to consider....if you're into intense pain, that is. Maybe you could get a group of people together to spell out TRICK OR TREAT.

I remember learning the alphabet in school. I wonder if seeing it presented this way would have made me learn it easier or mentally scarred me. I'm going for the latter. Although this may have been a fun way to express myself for Show and Tell.

I have to say, this artist has come up with a pretty painful way to display the alphabet. What do you think of this work?


Copyrighted images used with permission. Please visit Thijs Verbeek's website to see more of this unique artwork!

Oct 6, 2009
by Anonymous


Achterlijke idioot, doe normaal en hou op Amsterdam een slechte naam te bezorgen. Je bent waarschijnlijk nog zo'n geïmporteerde Brabo ook. Zout op.