Learn To Create An Android App In One Hour

We’ve all been there, right? An app freezes, or doesn’t really live up to the sales pitch. The first thing said is usually, “If I had made that…” and you then, like most mobile users, you figure out a way to live with those little imperfections. Because, truthfully, if you’re not an IT person, chances are, you don’t know the first thing about how to write code to create an app.

Well, have no fear, the folks at Skillfeed have come up with a video tutorial that walks you through how to create an Android app – and you don’t even need to learn coding!

You can use the Android App Inventor platform, which uses a drag and drop interface. But first you’ll need to learn the steps. The video tutorials are broken into four main chapters and a series of videos that can turn your own app idea into reality. Thirteen lessons total, the completed course is about 56 minutes.

Get started building your own Android app here.

Aug 11, 2013
by Anonymous

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