Learn Japanese or English with a Geek Goddess at Idols Foreign Language Academy


Japanese Idols... they're not jeweled statues you'll find in a temple. These idols are pretty young girls who show off her cute looks and debatable talents on TV, at websites, in magazines and now... at a unique Akihabara language school.

The newly opened Idols Foreign Language Academy is located in Tokyo's geek mecca of Akihabara and, as such, should receive a steady stream of business. Lured from their parents' basements by the thought of learning a language while ogling their objects of affection, the language school might be the only way some of the more closeted Otaku can flex their stunted social skills.

According to Asiajin, the Idols Foreign Language Academy's opening party took place on location this past Monday, October 19 and featured Japanese idols Minami Yoshida and Hinata Ise.

The parties are regular events taking place every Monday night. Admission is 2,000 yen (about $22) and includes a free soft drink. What goes on at an Idol Monday Party? "Idols will sing, there'll be entertaining games, and you might even learn some practical Akihabara Japanese". The latter would assumedly include useful phrases like "What time does the Maid Cafe open?" and "Can I get my ears cleaned here?" English conversation classes are also available for Japanese natives and non-English speaking foreigners.

The school's website has an English page headlined with "Learn Japanese with cute idols!! It'll surely be a night to remember!" Indeed.

Idols Foreign Language Academy does seem to be on the up & up, however, as the operator's website gives all the details on the actual lessons while displaying photos and info on the various idols who will be doing the teaching. They even have a guy for the geek gals. As the site advises, "You can enjoy learning with idols." Yes. Yes you can!

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