Learn Your Chemistry from Ptable.com

Whether you're a chemistry student, or a full-time lab worker, you've probably spent some good time staring at the Period Table of Elements.  But you might not have even seen a version of the Period Table like Ptable.com.  Prepare to have your atoms shaken up by the amount of information you can get from this site.

 Ptable has a great graphical interface which lets the user mouse over any one of the elements to get details on their properties.  You can also view the Period Table in wide view, leaving all the elements on screen at once.  There's three different versions of Ptable you can view: properties, orbitals, and isotopes.  Each comprehensively covers the information you need on virtually any of the elements, provided that is known information.

normal viewnormal view But it doesn't stop there.  You can set Ptable to retrieve information from several different sources when you click on an element.  For example, you can choose to view the Wikipedia entry on any element by selecting Wikipedia from the drop-down menu on the upper-left hand corner.  Similarly, you can set Ptable to retrieve educations video information on the element, which is often great fun if you're like this nerd and love hearing new perspectives on crazy elements that nobody has ever heard of.

wide viewwide view Ptable is indeed a lot of fun, but it is a serious educational tool for people involved in chemistry.  If you need to know anything about any chemical, definitely check it out.  If you wind up getting an 'A+' on your next exam, make sure you come back and let us know about it!