LeBron James Takes His Talents to China

The Ming Dynasty may have fallen but there's a new king in town... at least their was, for 8 days, in 4 Chinese towns.

The much ballyhooed 2011 LeBron James Basketball Tour was a whirlwind of emotion, locomotion and especially promotion, the latter centered on the Miami Heat superstar's Nike Zoom LBJ Ambassador IV shoes.

From the landing in Taipei, where James practiced with the Chinese Taipei U-19 national team, through stops (and photo ops) in Chengdu, Xian and Shanghai, James and company happily spread the NBA's message of sporting success to a China still in thrall to the nation's legendary hoops star, Yao Ming. NBA commish David Stern foresees a future that includes China so every brick laid in the groundwork today helps.

In the near term, merchandising the NBA in China is already a lucrative proposition with no ceiling on the upside; rampant copyright infringement and piracy notwithstanding. Hey, if Apple and KFC can operative profitably in China, so can the NBA!


As for LeBron James, he's had plenty of opportunity to show off his fancy footwork on the short but intense China tour... and by footwork, we mean those Nike Zoom LBJ Ambassador IV shoes. Let's see now, according to the official 2010 census China's population stood at 1,339,724,852... and given the choice, not many would choose to stand barefoot. (via Xinhua and Nikelebron.net)

Aug 22, 2011
by Anonymous

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