LED Compact Mirror Helps You Do Make-Up After Sundown

Adjusting make-up after dark has been a dim prospect for women without access to light. Not any more - the battery-powered "Actress Mirror" packs a bevy of LED lights to shine the light where you need it most.

The name "Actress Mirror" makes one think of a Hollywood diva cruising to a film premiere in a long black limo, arriving perfectly coiffed and with make-up beautifully in place. Unfortunately not all actresses - or women in general - have access to a lighted vanity mirror with which to touch up their visage. That's where Train Shop's Actress Mirror comes in.

An octet of cool-running LED lights are embedded in the outer edge of the mirror's upper panel, there to shine upon your face while you inspect the results in the mirror's lower panel. The Actress Mirror is engineered so that light is evenly shone without creating shadows - crucial when applying and/or adjusting make-up. 

The Actress Mirror gets its power from a pair of special model 23A 12-volt batteries cleverly concealed in the mirror's spine. Changing batteries is a cinch, and since the lighting is from long-lasting LEDs they shouldn't have to be changed all that often.

Pricing is reasonable; roughly from 20 to $35 depending on the design... of which there are many, dozens in fact though some are sold out. (via Japan Today)

UPDATE: A similar compact LED mirror is now available in the US here

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