LED Emergency Flashlight Pig Needs No Batteries, Won't Hog Energy

The “Dynamo Torch Pig Shape” (model # DN-HTZL1025) from Chinese online gadget emporium Shanghai Donya may have an unwieldy name, but it sure comes in handy when storms strike and power outages leave you in the dark.

I should know; I've owned one of these Pig Flashlights for about a year and it's performed admirably in at least a couple of long power outages. That's especially impressive considering Shanghai Donya only lists a “2 weeks initial failure” product warranty. 

The Dynamo Torch Pig Shape shown on Shanghai Donya's product page is pink with a magenta snout and no other color choices are listed. My personal piggie is tan with a red snout, and the flea market where I bought it stocked various other color combinations as well.

Using the Dynamo Torch Pig Shape is a cinch, and the fact it never needs batteries should leave owners happier than a pig in... er, mud. Just slide a switch on its side; a squared-off blade pops open and you can begin squeezing away much like one of those spring-loaded hand exerciser thingies. By the time you're tired, the Dynamo Torch Pig Shape is charged up and ready to shine!

And shine it does, courtesy of the LED bulbs secreted in its pair of round nostrils. Sliding a second switch on the device's side turns on the bulbs, which shine with a very bright, blue-white light.

The design of the Dynamo Torch Pig Shape resembles  the much smaller Pig LED Keychain reviewed several years ago – must be something about pigs with light beams shining out of their noses that turns folks on, so to speak.

The Dynamo Torch Pig Shape measures 106mm x 51mm × 44mm (about 4 by 2 by 2 inches) and weighs 63g, or just over 2 ounces. It includes a handy-dandy fabric carrying strap attached to its “tail”. Last but not least, you won't pay through the nose for a brightly shining swine that shoots light out of his snout – just 499 yen (about $6.50), tax included.  Update: You can now get the Flashlight Pig in the U.S. here.

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