LED Key Lights Locks, Locates Lost Latches


The LED Key Light from Lexon stands out among a host of other keychain LED lights that resemble pigs, chickens, laser pointers and whatnot by looking like... a key.

Available in green, red or purple, the LED light is powered by a pair of CR1220 button batteries and the case can be easily opened without using tools for quick battery changes on the go.

The outer case is made from soft rubber - just squeeze once and the mini LED in the key's nose end comes on; squeeze again and it turns off. The key light comes with a ring-type clip which allows for the addition of actual keys, or facilitates attachment to purses, rucksacks, belt loops and so on.

The LED Key Light from Lexon is available online at Rakuten for 1,575 yen (about $16.75) each, plus shipping. (via Impress Watch

Sep 6, 2009
by Anonymous

LED Key Light

Let me know when they put an LED light INTO the KEY -- that way, you will illuminate the key hole as you insert the key.