LED Reindeer & Snowflake Christmas Lights Stick, Don't Suck

Christmas lights got you tied up in knots? Tired of laboriously stringing together dozens of interconnected incandescent bulbs only to have the whole shebang go ka-bang ala Clark Griswold's house?

Of course you are, and that's why these neato LED Reindeer and Snowflake lights are the best thing to happen to the holiday season since electric lighting took the place of candles - fire hazards and waxy build-up being no fun at all.

Recently featured at A Rinkya Blog, these little LEDs are simply superb on a multitude of levels. Being LEDs, they shine without creating wasteful heat, plus each light cycles through 7 cheery colors.

Not only is energy usage low, each light is powered by its own set of batteries (included, with spares yet!) and features an ON-OFF switch so you only let 'em shine when you want. Oh, and the handy suction cup on the back sticks to any smooth flat surface - windows are what the manufacturer had in mind - and easily peels off without leaving a mark.

These charmingly traditional yet pleasingly high-tech LED Reindeer and Snowflake lights cost 780 yen (about $8.80) each and can be ordered at the convenient Rinkya Stores website. Hu-hu-hurry to get your cool-running LED lights delivered in time for Christmas!

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