Leg Hair Font Adds Kick to Your Cursive

When the Department of Design at Japan's Tama Art University challenged students to create new typefaces without the aid of their computers, 20-year-old Mayuko Kanazawa began scratching her head... and came up with a hair-brained scheme.

Kanazawa had recalled seeing letters, words and graphic images shaved into some people's heads (and a few particularly hirsute bodies) and wondered if there was some unexplored, original variation of this practice. Her Eureka moment came when a male friend complained to her about a pain in his leg. With a single glance at his shaggy gams, Kanazawa knew she had found her font. And so it was that Leg Hair Font was born!

It's uncertain exactly how Kanazawa was able to delicately manipulate some unnamed subject's leg hair (I'm assuming it's not her own, not that there's anything wrong with that) into the complex curves required for not only all 26 uppercase letters but a lowercase set as well. Speaking of the latter, note the dot on the "i" and the way she crossed the "t"... shag-adelic, baby!  

Maybe we don't really WANT to know how she did it but the proof is there on the page, or to be more exact, on an illuminated ad-board for Adidas' recent 30%-off summer sale. Definitely a "mane event" for Kanazawa.    

To be sure, Leg Hair Font stands little chance of dislodging Times New Roman or Helvetica from publishers' print pantheon – can you imagine trying to read a Leg Hair Font edition of “War and Peace”? Then again, Tolstoy's lengthy epic novel rendered in the despised Comic Sans just might be worse... if only by a hair. (via Asiajin and IT Media

Dec 30, 2011
by Anonymous


It looks yucky.

Feb 17, 2012
by Anonymous

Who would use this font?

Who would use this font?