Leg Squeezing Socks Reduce Foot Fatigue On The Job

Jobs that force workers to stand for long periods of time can cause feet to swell, resulting in localized pain and general fatigue. Slim Walk socks address the issue by gradually constricting the foot and lower leg as you walk and while you work.

Slim Walk socks are made of a specialized diamond-weave material that is designed to apply varying levels of constrictive pressure on the foot and calf.

The fabric's composition is 61% cotton, 30% nylon and 9% polyurethane with an antibacterial deodorizing treatment added. The amount of pressure at the ankle is 25hPa falling to just 17 hPa at calf level.

The socks, made by PIP Health, are relatively stiff compared to normal socks and feature open toe styling (from the first plantar arch) that is at once practical and fashionable. Though the featured socks are for women, men's pressurized socks are also available.

You can order Slim Walk socks in either Beige or Black through the Amazon.co.jp site for 1,280 yen (about $13) per pair, plus shipping charges. (via Impress Watch)

EDITOR'S NOTE: In the U.S.,  Pintoli and Jobst both  offer a great line of  compression  socks to help with foot fatigue.

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May 21, 2009
by Anonymous


that just a toeless version of such socks that have existed for ages to prevent legs from swelling up.

May 21, 2009
by Anonymous

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The same socks I was forced to wear on 22 hour flights to Hong Kong...that's "Inventive"