A Legend Reborn from Chrysler

Dodge is bringing back the Challenger, Pontiac has the GTO and Ford redesigned the Mustang to look more like the 60's Shelby's. Could it now be Chrysler's turn?

In 1964, the Plymouth Barracuda was born. In 1970, it got the famed Hemi as a motor option, which brought forth the legendary Hemi 'Cuda. Now, could DaimlerChrysler be bringing back that legend?


Not too long ago, someone let it out that a concept car for a 2009 Chrysler Cuda would be making a debut at the 2007 SEMA auto show. Ever since then, the rumors have been flying from coast to coast about the possibility of driving a new 2009 Hemi Cuda. At some point, Chrysler was contacted and this was the reply.

"We are pleased to read of your interest in the Chrysler Cuda concept vehicle. At this time, DaimlerChrysler has not released any plans that indicate the future production of the Chrysler Cuda. If built, The Chrysler Cuda concept vehicle would be built on the same platform as the upcoming 2008 Dodge Challenger, and would be production ready around the same time. We encourage you to stay in touch with the Chrysler.com website as well as your local Chrysler dealerships for future product updates. "

2009 Cuda Concept2009 Cuda Concept

According to the reply from Chrysler, they are planning a concept car. However, if you read between the lines a little bit, you can make a safe bet that they are up to something. They already have the platform chosen and an estimated time for production. Plus, if they aren't denying a concept car, where better to introduce it than SEMA?

The most exciting part is that if it is based on the Challenger, then it will almost definitely have the new 392 Hemi. There is no greater feeling than cracking the hood and seeing the spark plugs going right through the valve covers. (Thanks for teaching me that one Dad)

Can you say HEMI?Can you say HEMI?

The SEMA Auto Show is set to kicked off October 30th and will go till November 2nd. Me and thousands of others are anxiously awaiting the appearance of the new Hemi Cuda.

Sources : Mopar Discussion Board and Chrysler Homepage

George Delozier
Motorized Innovations


Oct 31, 2007
by Dad (not verified)


I'll be looking forward to a ride when you buy one Son.

Nov 1, 2007
by George Delozier


I also E-Mailed Chrysler to see if there was anything new.  They are now calling it the Dodge Cuda.  Not sure why, but it might be good news. 

George Delozier
Motorized Innovations

May 16, 2008
by Anonymous

devante buford

gonna have to tell my grandmpa that the cudas back out.crysler better not let us down like pontiac did with the trans am im behind the cuda 100%.

Feb 13, 2009
by Anonymous

briana would totally go out

briana would totally go out wit me if i get this car
he is not despert