Leggings With No Bottom In Lake And Stars Fall Collection Shows Off Your Best "Assets"

So here's the thing; it's not at all unusual to see fashion designs hit the runways that just will never translate into street-wear. People like to admire the trends that appear in a new collection, but the chances of them buying to wear is extremely slim. If showing off your best "assets" is your thing, you might get a kick out of this new fashion that had its debut on the runways. But there's a good chance that you'll agree this fashion will be reserved for runway wear only.

These leggings that appear in Lake and Stars' Fall/Winter collection for 2010 have no bum to allow you to show off your best assets. Interesting that they would choose to make this part of a cool season line when full coverage is a must, no? Cut-outs have been in fashion over the past few seasons, but this just might be going too far, especially since ladies will have to go comando. The inspiration for this piece that's on color trend with tie dye has yet to be revealed; although a lot of other things are on display!

Aug 30, 2010
by Anonymous

Not necessarily commando

A thong could be worn with these, although I really don't expect to see them on the street, either.