LEGO My Lunch: 5 Essentials For Your LEGO Lover's Lunch Box

If for no other reason, I love Friday nights because I don’t have to make my daughter’s lunch for the next day. While I feel good knowing I am sending my daughter to school with healthy snacks and a filling lunch to get her through her busy day, meal prep can be monotonous. To take some of the drudgery out of making her lunch, I sneak stickers into my daughter’s lunch box or cut her sandwich into different shapes with cookie cutters. I buy food containers that are reusable and fun and water bottles that are cool enough to want to drink out of. I enjoy making a lunch I know my daughter will be excited to open. Lunches should be fun to eat—and make. And who can’t have fun with LEGOs? Here are five essential items for your LEGO lover’s lunch box.

1. LEGO Custom Personalized Lunch Box

Made by Ohh-la-la Custom Party Décor & Gift Shop, this aluminum lunch box can be customized by adding your child’s name from a choice of 14 different font styles. For a little extra cost, you can pick your own colors too. The best part about this lunch box is what’s inside. A chalkboard lines your child’s lunch box, allowing you to leave messages, reminders, and doodles.

 2. LEGO Alloy Drink Bottle

Go for this classic LEGO design or the Ninjago drink bottle. Both are lightweight and hold 400 milliliters or about 13.5 ounces.

3. LEGO Mini Food Storage Boxes

LEGO Mini Food Storage Boxes come in multiple colors and are just short of two square inches. They are PVC free, food safe, and make for good portion sizes. They are perfect for nuts, raisins, fruit, crackers, cheese chunks and more. Two mini boxes will fit into the larger LEGO food storage box.

4. Fred and Friends Snack and Stack Utensils

Dig in and eat up with this knife, spoon, and fork set. These might get kids to use their utensils and not their hands while eating. The handles are made with silicone for easy grip.

5. Cotton Custom Personalized Cloth Napkin with LEGO Blocks

Reduce, reuse, and recycle. Teach your child early about the benefits of all three. This customized cloth napkin is a good start. Made by Middle Printer and sold on Etsy, you can also order a cloth napkin with your child’s photo. Sustainability is good; reminding your child to wipe his mouth on his napkin instead of his shirt is good too.

Have fun building lunches with these LEGO essentials!

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