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Gorton's FishermenGorton's Fishermen

Playing with toys can be fun for everyone. I should know; I still play with Barbie dolls. (When no one’s looking, of course). However, Sean Kenney is an artist that makes interesting sculptures out of Legos.

Google LogoGoogle Logo

As a full-time artist, Sean works in New York City and has been commissioned by many big companies such as Google, ABC, Mazda, ELLE, FAO Schwartz as well as many others.

Yankee StadiumYankee Stadium

He uses Legos as an art medium and hopes that children will be inspired by his work and create great things themselves. His work has been featured world-wide, and he is considered one of the premiere Lego-brick artists in the world.

Yankee Stadium (detail)Yankee Stadium (detail)

Sean has over 1 million Lego pieces in his studio and once bought 25,000 Legos from a toy store because they were on sale. (Hey, have to save money where you can).

Some of his work seems clear and simple from far away, but as you move closer there is much detail added to his sculptures.


Schou Aluminum ChairSchou Aluminum Chair

Thanksgiving Square, DallasThanksgiving Square, Dallas

Two Short OrdersTwo Short Orders


The thing I like most about this artist is that he really seems to enjoy his work. He wants to inspire children, and what better way to do that than use the toys children play with. Heck, he even inspires me to go out and buy a ton of Legos just so I can make a pool of Legos to swim around in. Although I’d have to wonder about diving head first into that one. If I’m not careful I might end up with a Lego shoved up my nose.

What do you think of Sean’s work? Which one is your favorite? The Google logo is pretty cool, in my opinion.


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Dec 13, 2008
by Anonymous

I would

like the fisherman but to expensive I guess. Hard to dust too prolly.