LEGO Boombox – Rock On, Baby!

LEGO and Digital Blue have once again put the word "fun" in functional  with their new  LEGO Boombox.  Coming soon to a store near you, the new Boombox is sure to have your children rockin' and rollin' to their favorite tunes!

  LEGO BoomboxLEGO Boombox

10 times larger than a traditional LEGO block, the Boombox is an AM/FM radio that will also play your CDs, CDRWs and CDRs.  The box has a telescopic antenna, earphone jack and can run on electricity or six C batteries.  The sound  can be adjusted by turning one of the knobby knobs.

So what's in the box, you ask?  The system includes a bright blue Boombox, AC power cord and handy user guide.  The system, which will be available sometime this summer,  includes a limited one-year warranty and is expected to retail under $40.

Source and Photo:  Digital Blue