Lego Creationary Builds Up The Fun This Christmas

Lego has always been a go-to children’s Christmas toy, but this year they’ve stepped up their game with the development of Lego Creationary – fun for ages 7 and up.


Some people are naturally talented at creating Lego masterpieces and some have skill at creating large, blocky formations with no real function or form. No matter your Lego ability, however, the new Lego Creationary board game gives you a chance to shine.


Creationary is based on a simple concept – take the fun of Lego building and add in friends and family that are trying to guess just what on earth your mounds of blocks are trying to become. Play can be at one of three skill levels from beginner to advanced and the rules can be modified based on the ages of the builders.


Play starts by creating the very dice that are going to be used to decide what is built by – you guessed it – building them out of Lego. Once done, players roll the dice to determine which category of things their creation will fall into – vehicles, buildings, nature, or things. From there, they set to work building their masterpiece as other players attempt to guess what it is they are making.

Lego dice: get creating, people!Lego dice: get creating, people!


Right now, Creationary is listed as #20 in Amazon’s top game listing, and reviews show that not only kids but adults are enjoying what is essentially Pictionary taken to the next level and with and added dash of physical creativity.


The game in stock for $34.99 at Amazon and can still make it for Christmas 2010 if it is ordered in fairly short order. It is intended for ages 7 and up and comes with a starter set of 388 Lego pieces.


We don’t mean to build up Lego too heavily here, but it’s fairly apparent they’ve created something here we can all identify – fun.


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Dec 15, 2010
by Anonymous

Will the real inventor of Lego Creationary Please stand up!

This game is clearly a copy of the earlier game "Constructionary" invented by Terry Miller Associates how come Cephas Howard had to be locked away in a room for 3 years to come up with this one. While the real inventor is ignored and not acknowledged?

Jan 15, 2011
by Anonymous


Our children loved this game and is one of the games our son chose to keep to pass on to his own children. Unfortunately we have lost the instructions. Any ideas as to how to obtain them is appreciated. I have tried via Rose Art but to no avail. Thank you (subject line- Constuctionary )