LEGO Ice Brick Tray – Cool!

If you are looking for a unique theme for your next birthday party, why not consider a LEGO-inspired bash?  And chances are pretty good none of the other kids in the neighborhood will be having a LEGO party. After all, what child doesn't love LEGO bricks? Whether young or old, most of us have played with the colorful blocks at some point in our lives.

LEGO Ice Brick TrayLEGO Ice Brick Tray

Start off the party by kicking up the Kool-Aid with special ice cubes, LEGO-style. Each ice tray makes 10 LEGO-shaped ice cubes. Just pour your favorite beverage into the trays and freeze. For extra fun, add food coloring or colorful juice to the liquid before freezing. And right before the party starts, drop a couple of LEGO ice cubes into the drinks. 

Some people actually try building with the ice cubes even though the bottom of the cubes are flat. Once the cubes are frozen and the party has started, see if you can stack them and build away. See who can make the biggest and best building before the cubes melt!  How, er, cool is that?

 LEGO Ice Brick TrayLEGO Ice Brick Tray

The LEGO Ice Brick Trays are made out of durable silicone and are dishwasher safe. The trays are available in two fun colors, yellow and blue , and each tray retails for under $9. Party on!

Source and Photos: LEGO

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