LEGO Master Builder Academy Sets Turn Kids Into LEGO Construction Pros!

If you’ve got piles of LEGOs in the house, individual models on every Christmas list and multiple bins designated to store extra bricks, you’re living with a hardcore LEGO fanatic. The LEGO Master Builder Academy series takes that passion, and teaches fans to be the best builders they can be!




Designed by the folks that actually design the sets that you see in the toy isle, the LEGO Master Builder Academy was made to explain how to make more complex, sturdier, balanced and totally unique models. Each LEGO MBA set in the five part series comes with an in-depth guidebook and a sampling of LEGO bricks to test out a dedicated child’s advanced building skills, while drilling advanced construction methods so they can make the coolest version of that dinosaur, race car, or interplanetary starship that has been stuck in their imagination.




Each of the LEGO MBA sets concentrates on one or two special techniques, while presenting some really fun building suggestions, such as how the “Action Designer” set focuses on teaching inventive ways to snap together savage creatures and speedy vehicles. While the rolling cars and toothy monsters are fun, the LEGO Master Builder Academy sneaks in sophisticated building skills that rely on complicated moving limb and jaw joints.




Getting a The LEGO Master Builder Academy set or two for the little builders in your life who could easily slap together a decent elephant model if they had the directions should lead to them making a conga line of life-sized LEGO wooly mammoths cartwheeling through the streets of downtown Tokyo in no time! (At the very least, they’ll be able to make a much better LEGO elephant after spending time with the LEGO Master Builder Academy!)

Source: LEGO Master Builder Academy

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