LEGO My Leg!

When life gives you lemons there are many ways to make lemonade. For Christina Stephens of St. Louis, Missouri, who lost her lower leg after a car she was rebuilding fell on it, her lemonade was made of LEGOs. After a coworker joked about the idea of her making a leg out of LEGOs -- pun intended -- she decided to give it a try. The result was fun, colorful, and more than a little impractical.

Christina Stephens Built An Extra Leg Out Of LEGOS (You Tube Image)Christina Stephens Built An Extra Leg Out Of LEGOS (You Tube Image)

Stephens says that she is comfortable with her body, even with a missing leg, and wants to pass that on to others. She works as an occupational therapist and the project was probably a bit of therapy for her. 

Building A Leg Out Of Legos (You Tube Image)Building A Leg Out Of Legos (You Tube Image)

She video-taped herself building her LEGO leg and created a largely time-lapsed video of her odyssey in making the leg. It is a colorful and creative prosthetic that she says is actually pretty comfortable. It is only for fun though since the ankle and foot tend to break off very easily. 

 Checking The LEGO Leg (You Tube Image)Checking The LEGO Leg (You Tube Image)

Stephens isn't done yet. LEGO Leg 2.0 is in the planning stage. She says that she is actually enjoying exploring the empty space where others still have a leg and that it makes her feel "superhuman." She advises that this sort of project is not for everyone because the leg will make you fall over.

For someone who has suffered a traumatic injury, she does seem to be making a go of the lemonade business. For more videos by Stephens, click here.

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