This Lego Normandy SR2 Is Over Eight Feet Long

I've always loved Lego. When I was a child, the colored blocks were always underfoot, I was always building something new and exciting; imagining my next project. That love has carried itself with me into adulthood. I've gained something of an obsession with the wave of voxel-based games that's swept the Internet of late, starting with Minecraft. I've an infinite array of digital building blocks at my fingertips, and it's downright incredible. Even so, I've never forgotten my fondness for those little plastic bricks. 

Neither, apparently, has Flickr user ktorrek. See, this fellow's got a pretty awesome hobby:  he creates Lego fan-art. His latest project is a scale model of the Normandy SR-2 from Bioware's immensely popular Mass Effect franchise. It's downright incredible.

For the uninitiated, Mass Effect is a blockbuster science fiction video game trilogy which chronicles a galactic struggle against a race of mechanical abominations from beyond the stars, known as Reapers. The character at the center of it all - Commander Shepard - has their personality, appearance, and history determined primarily by the player. It may well be one of the most popular action-RPGs of all time, and has received numerous accolades for its writing. 

The SSV Normandy SR-2 is the second model of Commander Shepard's flagship, which serves to transport their crew through the galaxy as they do battle with the Reapers. Ktorrek's model scales in at a terrifying eight feet long, with a wingspan of an impressive nineteen inches. The model took him two hundred twenty-five hours to complete since February, and used over 15,000 bricks. Further, many of the decals are actually painted on; even more impressive, his SR2 is actually to-scale with the SR1 he constructed several years ago. 

More pictures can be seen on his photostream