LEGO Walkie Talkies

Digital Blue and LEGO Systems have developed some new LEGO-inspired products - the LEGO Boombox, Digital Camera, MP3 Player and now the LEGO Walkie Talkie. Are you seeing a theme here?  The soon-to-be-released colorful handhelds are not your typical, ho-hum walkie talkies either.  These look just like the real, honest-to-goodness LEGO bricks many of us played with as kids or gave to our own children. And not only are the radios attractive, they are fully functional too. They have a range of up to one mile!

LEGO Walkie TalkiesLEGO Walkie Talkies

Walkie talkies have become must-have gadgets for parents.  You can take them with you to the park, to the mall and on camping trips.  Or your kids can use one outside while you are inside with the other radio.  The handheld devices provide an additional peace-of-mind for parents and most kids love them. 

Although not much information has been released yet, the LEGO Walkie Talkies are expected to be released sometime in the summer.  No specific price point  has been revealed either. But one thing is certain - LEGO-inspired electronics are sure to be big hits with kids of all ages.  Over and out good buddy!

Update: The Lego Walkie Talkie is now on the market and available here.

 Source and Photo:  Digital Blue and Kids Tech Review

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