Legs AND Arms Pedal The Varibike


I bet you could win the Tour de France with this bike, but it probably would not be legal - at least not yet.  German bicycle enthusiast, Martin Kraiss, always felt there was something missing from his favorite sport - upper body involvement. After years in development, Kraiss has invented an 11-speed bicycle for his legs and arms to pedal.  It's the Varibike, and with all the upper body action it adds to the sport of biking, it's sure to attract many new biking enthusiasts.


The Varibike: © VaribikeThe Varibike: © Varibike


The Varibike: It sure looks sleek!: © VaribikeThe Varibike: It sure looks sleek!: © Varibike


The neat thing about the Varibike is that you don't have to use your arms and legs together to move the bike.  You can use arms, legs, one arm and opposite leg at a time, or both arms and legs together.  This way when you are riding you can relax one group of muscles at different times, delaying the muscle fatique you get when continuously stressing your legs. According to tests conducted at the University of New Mexico, you get approximately 31 percent more power when you're employing the use of both arms and legs in cycling, giving you a faster ride and the potential to cover greater distances.(see report).

This excellent video demonstration of the Varibike's versatility will grab you, but so will the $6000 price tag, so start saving your pennies!




Bad weather for outdoor biking? Kraiss is working on an indoor version of the Varibike.

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