Leica Camera Celebrates Hello Kitty's 40th And Playboy's 60th Birthdays

Hello Kitty and Playboy, two of the late twentieth century's most iconic brands, are both celebrating milestones this year and when the cat & bunny get together it's a Kodak, er, Leica moment.

The unlikely but likable officially authorized collaboration was facilitated by Sarah Andelman, founder and creative director of French clothing store Colette. “People thought I was crazy,” explained Andelman at the limited edition line's premiere party at Paris' Le Crazy Horse Saloon, “but now everyone agrees they look amazing together.”

About a dozen commemorative and collectible items including iPhone cases, mugs, lighters, Bic pens, boxer shorts and other products priced as low as one euro have been listed at the Collette online store. All bear the line's special logo, which features Hello Kitty sporting a pair of Playboy bunny ears. No word if she's airbrushed but at least there's no staple.


The “Leica X Hello Kitty X Playboy” camera stands out, however, and not merely due to its cost (920 Euros or US$1,264 each) or because it's a prestigious Leica product. The black bodied shutter-snapper displays a unique oversized white stencil logo on its front facing that depicts a bonafide bunnified Playboy Hello Kitty holding a camera in her hands. Paws, whatever. Even if you hate Hello Kitty, this is one Leica you'll find hard not to like-a. (via DesignTAXI and Style.com)