Lemon Weiners Could Sour You On Hotdogs For EVAR

So Lemon Weiners are a thing now, at least in Japan where no misguided flavor combination goes unexplored. Short, cheap, and presumably infused with fruitful bioflavonoids and antioxidants (yeah, good luck with that), Lemon Weiners could be a great way to add healthy fruit to the diets of junk food junkies.

Who are we kidding – Lemon Weiners are a terrible way to get kids to eat more fruit. The manufacturer is bad and should feel bad, especially after co-introducing Strawberry Milk flavored weiners.

The company name isn't visible on any of the photographed packages but the header proudly proclaims they're the product of Tochigi Prefecture. Located to the northwest of Tokyo, Tochigi is known for its x-ray equipment and agricultural produce... another combo that doesn't exactly inspire the appetite. 

Now don't get us wrong, unusual flavored sausages were once the province of gourmets and gastronomes, enjoyed with a dab of Grey Poupon on the side. Why should one-percenters get to enjoy all the fun frankfurters have to offer?

Because “Lemon Weiners”, that's why. You could deep-fry these fruity franks in concentrated Grey Poupon for a week and it still wouldn't be enough to erase the YUCK factor. An additional caveat is the selling price: 170-gram (6 ounce) bags containing roughly 10-12 small weiners goes for the bargain price of 198 or 200 yen, which translates to about two bucks. Cheap ain't always good, folks.

How much actual meat these weiners contain and what type of meat (“think smaller, and more legs”) it is are questions best left unasked. But hey -  the McRib has inspired legions of followers so it seems in the food biz, anything goes down easy. (via Nyanko Sensei)