LemonAid Beverage Company: Drink For A Great Cause!

 Sometimes what makes a company stand out from the crowd is their unique name. LemonAid Beverages simply changes the way the name of a common beverage is written and makes people wonder whether it resulted from an unfortunate clerical issue or something else entirely. Rest assured, the spelling of LemonAid is intentional, and you'll want to read on because this is one business that supports a good cause.

LemonAid and ChariteaLemonAid and Charitea

To state the obvious, LemonAid Beverages makes drinks, and one of those drinks happens to be bottled lemonade. The reason for the play on word; spelling lemonade as LemonAid is because proceeds of their drink purchases go towards a charitable cause, set to improve fair trade and provide a better quality of life and pay for farmers in South America. LemonAid makes another brand of beverage called Charitea which has the same end goal through its sales; same good cause, different drink.

And yes, before you question my use of LemonAid/lemonade, all forms of the word are used in the correct context, and as for some of the awkwardness, I couldn't help but try to add a little bit more confusion into the mix with the play on words; sorry!


Oct 3, 2009
by Anonymous

Neat idea

All soft drink Co should do same with drinks etc.
How Cool.

Now Ill get some next time & that tea.

Must be at Whole Foods, Trader Joes- in So CA area