Lems Hiking Boots Are Eco-Friendly, Lightweight and Completely Collapsible

Lems Foldable BootLems Foldable Boot

The Lems Boulder Boot may be the lightest in the world, weighing around 9-10oz (depending on the size). More than that it is a camping space-saver. Able to be folded up and stuffed in a backpack, the Boulder Boot isn't your average clunky, rigid pair of hiking boots. Considered a minimalist shoe, there is nothing that makes it stiff (no heel counter, no toe counter, no shank) and it is completely collapsible. What's more is that recent studies have shown that a flat, wide shoe is optimal for foot function and health, and all of the Lems shoes adhere to this design.

The Boulder Boot is made of water-resistant nylon and full grain leather. Though it is water-resistant, it isn't waterproof. However, without the waterproof membrane, it is very breathable. Lems shoes are also Eco-friendly from their materials to the processes used to produce them. Some of their shoes are even vegan-friendly (of course the full grain leather in the Boulder Boot doesn't fit this criteria), like the Primal 2.

You can find more information on the shoes and foot science at the Lems site, and some of their shoes including the Boulder Boots are available on Amazon for men here and for women here

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