The Lenovo Thinkpad X220

Lenovo's had a long history of making high-end, portable, and durable laptops for the business and educational sectors. They're pretty much universally recognized by the media as the most reliable systems out there, with almost universally positive reviews. So how does their newest model, the X220, stack up? 

The Look

The Thinkpad X220...looks like a Lenovo Thinkpad. It's recognizable, if anything else. One thing that can be The X220 TabletThe X220 Tabletsaid is that the 12.5 inch screen has a  crisp, clear picture, and the redesigned keyboard looks spiffy and is simpler to use. I'm not saying the X220 looks bad- just that if you're buying a laptop solely on how pretty it is, might want to skip out on this purchase. 

It's also got a button-less touchpad. Definitely a bit of an improvement over the design that we've seen on some older Thinkpad models, but just the same, I'm not sure how  well it'll work.  You may want to invest in a USB mouse- thankfully, they're incredibly cheap. 

The X220 also comes in tablet variety, with a movable/rotatable screen. 

The Specs

Lenovo's definitely kept with their habit of quality hardware. The X220 boasts what may well be the longest battery life in the portable computer market; at up to nine hours minimum. If you're running in low power battery mode, this jumps up to around twelve hours. Not bad, especially when you consider what's under the case.

Lenovo's new machine excels in raw power, as well. Boasting an I3, I5, or I7 Sandy Bridge Processor, running from 2.1 gigahertz to 2.7 gigahertz.(Anandtech). The X220 can contain up to 8 gigabytes of RAM, around 320 gigabytes of hard drive space, and an Intel HD graphics card. Suffice it to say, this notebook's no slouch. 

Lenovo's newest thinkpad also features a fingerprint reader and Wifi/Bluetooth/GPS/3G and 4G capability, along with an HD camera/microphone for video conferencing. The only real detrimental aspect of the X220 is the speakers- they're a touch weak. 

Now, the kicker for all this is yet to come. The Lenovo Thinkpad X220 weighs 3-4 pounds. That's it.  So not only is this thing powerful, it's ultraportable as well. And, in keeping with Lenovo's tradition, the X220 is durable as a rock. Granted, you shouldn't throw it down the stairs or anything stupid like that, but it can take a lot more punishment than your typical notebook PC, that's for sure. For more information on the specs, look here

Final Word

In what seems to be tradition for their products; Lenovo's X220 is receiving more or less universally  positive reviews. It's lightweight and portable, durable as an ox, powerful, and holds a battery with a longevity that's to die for. Granted, it looks more or less like any other Lenovo Thinkpad, but to be completely honest...

If you're buying a Thinkpad, you're not buying it because it looks all pretty or has twenty thousand different ways of customizing its appearance. You're buying it because it's got the trademark of a Lenovo laptop- quality and reliability. 

The Thinkpad X220 releases in April, and will retail for around $899-$1,200. It will be available at all major retailers, including Amazon.