Lensbabies 3G Digital SLR Camera Lens Wins the 2008 “Hot One” Award from Professional Photographer magazine

Professional Photographer magazine's prestigious Hot One Awards are awarded to the most innovative camera products in each category, and the Lensbabies 3G camera lens has won this award in the medium format lens category. The Lensbabies 3G camera lens allows photographers to literally bend the lens to create some amazing effects in photos.
Lensbabies 3G shown on the front of this Pentax cameraLensbabies 3G shown on the front of this Pentax camera

The medium format Lensbabies 3G is currently compatible with the Mamiya 645 and Pentax 67 camera bodies. Each model features an 80mm and 100mm focal distance, respectively. What makes this lens so special is the fact that you can actually bend it and then lock it in place when you are satisfied with the look of the shot. After you lock the Lensbabies 3G into place, you can then use the manual focus controls on the lens to dial in the perfect look for the shot.

The photos taken with the Lensbabies 3G look awesome, and this lens definitely provides photographers with a whole new form of photography and also better control over the focus of a shot. Photos taken with the help of the Lensbabies 3G allow the photographer to have complete control over the main subject of the photo, while providing a nice blur to the rest of the image. The test shots show what I'm talking about.

The Lensbabies 3G digital SLR camera lens is available now for just under $400. This price may seem a little steep, but if you're a budding photographer looking for an edge, the 3G lens may be just what you've been looking for. One thing's for sure, the Lensbabies 3G can provide some nice new effects to your digital photography arsenal. (Buy here.)

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