Is Your Dog A Genius? Buy A "Leo" Dog Toy And Find Out!

I'd like to think my dog is a genius even if he can't find the treat that has slipped from Leo to Leo in whatever way I arrange the Leos. Leo, short for Leonardo da Vinci, is the name of this challenging toy from (who else?) Canine Genius!

For those of you brave enough to find out if your dog passes the genius test, the Leo dog toy is actually a very engrossing way for your buddy to pass the time alone, maybe while you are fixing dinner, or in the middle of the hundreds of things you do when your dog demands play time. And my readers know I'm always searching for interactive pet toys like the Leo!

The Leo and Little Leo (for genius dogs less than 15 pounds) are tough chew toys made of a rubbery material ("space age"), not quite as hard or thick as the rubber Kong dog toy, that I've always considered a potential lethal weapon. The Leo bounces on hard surfaces and dirt, so you and your genius dog can play a challenging game of fetch with one.

The real grabber of your genius's attention, though, are the dog treats you put inside. And if you connect a few Leos to each other, the chances are good that when the group is moved or nudged around, the treat will slip from Leo to Leo and your dog genius will be challenged to find it. Attaching the toys together is enough to keep a young or teenage dog busy for awhile, but adding dog treats... they make the toy more attractive to the adult genius dog.

Each Leo has two inserts, one for a treat and one for another Leo to connect. You can link the Leo's in several ways, as seen below.


The Leo's or Genius and Mini Genius dog toys come in a variety of cheerful colors and are available from

To learn more about the Canine Genius dog toys, visit Canine Genius!
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Sep 4, 2008
by Anonymous


look very small. Is it safe for the dog?

Sep 5, 2008
by Lady Bee
Lady Bee's picture


The Leo is about 8 inches tall and the Mini Leo about 5 inches.  They would not be swallowed whole; however, if you see that the Leo's are breaking up from extensive chewing, discard them, as with other toys, smaller pieces may be swallowed.