Let Your Toddler’s Imagination Set Sail With HABA’s Swing Ship Ahoy

HABA is known for its high-quality, wooden toys for babies. But the company is also known for its super cute and imaginative toys for kids of all ages made with materials of all kinds, specifically non-toxic materials. HABA is committed to making their toys using sustainable practices, and this eco-friendly commitment was recently recognized with a Better Living Award, presented by the Cribsie Awards and Naturepedic. Swing Ship Ahoy is one of the newest additions to join HABA’s family of award winning products. Get ready for your toddler’s imagination to set sail with this swing perfect for sea-exploring, pirate-loving toddlers three years old and up.

The Swing Ship Ahoy feeds into so many things our kids love: make believe, swings, and pirates. What could be better? My daughter can spend hours in her tent pretending to be characters from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Unfortunately, when she asks me to play with her I spend 45 minutes being bossed around by a four year old, but at least she is using her imagination. The Swing Ship would add to her arsenal of demands—in the best way possible.

HABA suggests you use the Swing Ship Ahoy as an indoor swing, but it can be used outdoors on a nice day. It’s just not made to withstand wet or cold conditions. It is made with high standards, however. The Swing Ship is made out of an aluminum frame, upholstered polyester, and nylon and can hold up to 170 pounds. My daughter and I would exceed the weight limit, but the swing is sturdy enough for her to invite a friend on-board.

The mount and extensions are included, but additional hooks, rings, and screw anchors are not so be sure to visit the hardware store before hanging the Swing Ship Ahoy. Speaking of anchors, the weighted anchor on the ship can be dropped to slow the swing down. How cool is that? And the Swing Ship is gender-neutral to satisfy all kids—“boy” or “girl” boats need not apply.

The Swing Ship Ahoy is not HABA’s first time making awesome swings. Parents and care providers have been enjoying their line of swings for years. Designed for younger toddlers and a weight limit of 60 pounds, the Horse Baby Swing, Airy Fairy Swing, and the Aircraft Swing are unique takes on children’s indoor swings. All three have padded seats which are height adjustable and removable to accommodate your child as they grow. The manufacturer’s recommended minimum age is 10 months, but because the swings are upright, your child should be able to support his or her own head before galloping or flying through the air.

And when they are old enough, transition your child to HABA’s Swing Ship Ahoy, their newest swing and one of the popular new products on the market at this year’s Toy Fair in New York City. Childhood and imagination will never grow old as kids navigate rocky waters and defeat Captain Hook in this swinging ship.

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