Let It Snow...Or Not: With The Year Round Sled It Doesn't Matter


Maybe you have been promising your kids a day of sledding fun as soon as it snows, but the white stuff just hasn’t cooperated yet.  Maybe you live somewhere that just doesn’t get any snow, but your kids have always wished that they could go sledding.  The Year Round Sled is perfect for such circumstances.
The main part of the sled looks fairly conventional, but the bottom is actually very different.  The Year Round Sled comes with special trays to freeze blocks of ice for attaching to the underside.  It is these blocks of ice that allow the sled to be used on completely snow-free slopes.  The ice blocks reportedly last for about half an hour’s worth of rides and work best on short grass.  

If you do happen to find yourself in a snowy setting then you can always remove the ice and use the sled in a traditional manner.  Now anyone can have some holiday sledding good times, although sledding in the grass may not call for the usual hot chocolate and marshmallows by a roaring fire afterwards.  Anyways, this looks like it would be a fun holiday gift for the kids this year, for once, not limited by climate. You can get the Year Round Sled here

Source:  Hammacher Schlemmer