Let Loopa Lower Leaks And Spills


Young children love to explore, and sometimes that involves taking a mid morning snack “to go.” If you are tired of trailing behind your toddler with a mop or broom, the Loopa Bowl may be ideal for your household.

Perfect For On The Go SnackingPerfect For On The Go Snacking

Also known as a gyro-bowl, this spill resistant container will hold dry snacks inside and prevent spillage. No matter how your child twists and turns it, the Loopa will not overturn, and Cheerios remain safe and sound.

Mom Invented, Kid ApprovedMom Invented, Kid Approved

Like many innovative patents, Loopa was invented by a pair of new parents who were tired of cleaning up messes on the kitchen floor, and the product has gone on to be recommended by many top parenting magazines, and is available at standard home stores such as Bed Bath & Beyond. You can also order a Loopa through their official website .

 Try As They Might, Loopa Won't SpillTry As They Might, Loopa Won't Spill

So open up your family to a gravity-defying snack experience, keeping your house clean and tummies full at the same time!


Jun 3, 2008
by Anonymous

it was featured on everyday edisons

this bowl was actually part of the PBS series "Everyday Edisons" -- it was my favorite invention of the previous season. They ran into an issue before they added a rim: the gyro action didn't work, as little hands would grab BOTH the inner and outer bowl at the same time.

The naming/marketing segment was particularly engaging.

Jun 3, 2008
by Anonymous

I tried it at Bed Bath and Beyond

My daughter still manage to spill all her stuff all over.
If you move it slowly, it works fine, however, kid doesn't always behave like that.