Let No Haggles Play Hard Ball & Find You A Great Deal On A New Car!

Buying a car can be a trying process; first you have to locate the dealership with the best price, then you have play hard ball to try and negotiate the price down, and then you have to secure the financing at a good rate because you don't have the cash. By the time the process is complete, you have a new car, and quite likely a few new grey hairs to go with it. To save the stress, a company appropriately named No Haggles does all the haggling and legwork for you to get you in that new car.

With No Haggles, you put up the cash and they buy you a car. Of course, No Haggles takes a piece of the pie for themselves in the process; but they do save you the graying hair from the stress of negotiating your way through car buying on your own. All you need to do as a car buyer is let No Haggles know exactly what kind of car you're looking for, what budget you're working with  and any other crucial details, and they will find exactly what you're looking for at the best price. All of No Haggles representatives really know how to play hard ball in the automotive industry, as they are previous car dealership managements themselves; call it manipulation, working the system, or haggling if you will, but they will get you there.


Of course, before formalizing the process, No Haggles confirms all the details with the buyer. Once they have found the car you're looking for, they will confirm the negotiated price with you and then begin the process of seeking financing and provide detailed reports about the financing decisions. They will then produce the Buyers Agreement, have it signed, sealed and delivered back to the dealership to finalize the deal, and best of all, to get your brand new car you won't even need to leave home because they'll have it delivered right to your home.


May 10, 2009
by Anonymous

Come to the US!

We need No Haggles Auto Service alone in the US unless U know a Auto Broker.

Major need for ALL Makes- New & Used.

I love it.

One stop Online Auto shopping.

I know of NO other service like this.

From std cars to Custom makes too.

Must expand this service.

Jul 5, 2009
by Anonymous

You get what you paid for ... maybe even less

Only few of the things mentioned on the website are true.
- you don't get a so-called menu, so no list of cars matching your needs, only few basic ideas. And those are wrong. No car searching was done for me, I was simply told there is no car with the exact features I wanted. They needed roughly one week to tell me this and I needed 40 minutes to find 2 such cars. No search was done for me. Talking to your dealer friend accross the street is not called "search."
- they don't really care about your time frame for a purchase
- they say "I'll get back to you with info on some cars on Friday" and contact you on Wednesday next week just to ask you again if you want to buy a car
- they say obsessively often "best possible price" or "best possible deal" ... I wonder for whom? because the prices they suggest to you are dangerously close to MSRPs while we all know that nowadays one can easily get few thousand below MSRP, even below invoice in some cases
- they DON'T REPRESENT YOU OR YOUR INTERESTS... how can they do this when they actually negotiate with you for a higher price instead of negotiating with the dealer for a lower price
Overall, they are nothing else but dealers with a different "label." What was I expecting ... after all I didn't pay much and we know there is no free lunch.