Let The Soundwagon Drive Your Music

Back in the day our tunes only came on vinyl and there are those aficionados who say that vinyl is the only true and pure way to listen to music. If you can still find vinyl albums this is great. What can be even harder to find is something to play them on. Well, how about something to play on them? The Soundwagon will drive your music right to your ears.

 The SoundwagonThe Soundwagon

Not only is vinyl a blast from the past, but so is the VW bus. I learned to drive stick on an old 1969 VW bus that we sometimes called the "blue bomb." Now I could get a little memorial one and let it drive around on my old Monkees and ABBA albums. Things could go from groovy to rad in a heartbeat. It is totally far out blast from the past, man.

The SoundwagonThe Soundwagon

The Soundwagon will take you on a road trip down memory lane with a double dose of nostalgia. This IS a record player that runs on batteries and has a needle, but it is a toy and not a high-fidelity sound system. You may want to save your classic collectibles for a higher-end system and play your Partridge Family and Archies pre-scratched versions on this. 

The Soundwagon UndercarriageThe Soundwagon Undercarriage

Okay, let's face it. The sound quality is crap and the nickname of this gadget is "vinyl killer." It is powered by a single 9-volt battery, so you know that if the battery is running even a little low the sound is going to start dragging. Natch (70s slang for naturally) the company says that this is the perfect "must have" for audiophiles. 

It is, however, cute and funny as hell and will amaze your family and friends and totally freak out your dog.  It is also a popular collector's item.

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