Let The Star Wars Style Force Be With You: The Light Saber Umbrella

Let the force be with you this summer when you arm yourself against summer rainstorms, Star Wars style!

With this unique Star Wars Light Saber Umbrella, you'll always be equipped with the fashion of Star Wars anytime you need to combat those hot summer day downpours. Not only will you be in Star Wars fashion with your very own light saber umbrella, you'll also have the added benefit of standing out with your very own onboard LED light that functions as a flashlight too.

There does seem to be some debate whether this umbrella is truly styled after Star Wars, because it also looks similar in appearance to the umbrellas that appear in Blade Runner; but whatever you want to call it, kick the rain's but in style and let the force be with you. (Available at Think Geek)

Via: Geekologie

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