Let The Sun Shine On Intersolar 2013’s Solar Powered Exhibition!

If the future of solar energy makes you all sunny and warm inside, there’s no hotter place to be than Intersolar North America in sunny San Francisco, California.

Intersolar has conventions connecting innovative businesses, advanced technologies and green energy fans on four continents, so this is the perfect time to check in on the solar energy industry if you happen to be in the United States.

With 362 current exhibitors from around the world showing off their goods and services at this year’s event, there will be plenty of great things to check out from CITEL surge protection, MidNite Solar Inc’s solar power systems and S-5!’s specialized clamps for installing solar panels on metal roofs.

S-5’s fastener kits allow solar panels to be easily installed on a variety of metal roofs.S-5’s fastener kits allow solar panels to be easily installed on a variety of metal roofs.

Since solar power is quickly being more popular in both first world and developing nations alike, anyone with a serious intention of breaking into the competitive field of solar energy should attend Intersolar. The insight that inventors could get from the show could be invaluable for their own work on innovating the many implementations of solar energy.

In addition to browsing through the most recent innovations from the world’s green energy experts, visitors will be able to experience special events such as the E-Mobility Solutions exhibit for the latest electric car advancements and the Job + Career Forum so that bright visionaries like yourself can advance your career with a new solar job. 

Intersolar will be held at the San Francisco’s Moscone Center from July 9-11th, 2013, so there’s still plenty of time for you to get ready for the big event. Click here for more information about the expo, and don’t forget to bring the sunscreen!

Sources: Intersolar